Civil War Casualties. Confederate Military Deaths by State

Civil War Casualties. Confederate Military Deaths by State

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The Civil War ended up being America’s conflict that is bloodiest. The unprecedented physical violence of battles such as for instance Shiloh, Antietam, Stones River, and Gettysburg shocked residents and worldwide observers alike. Nearly as numerous guys passed away in captivity through the Civil War as were killed within the entire for the Vietnam War. A huge selection of thousands died of disease. Approximately 2% associated with populace, an approximated 620,000 males, destroyed their life into the type of responsibility. Taken as a share of today’s populace, the cost will have risen as high as 6 million souls.

The Numbers Illustrated

The individual price of the Civil War ended up being beyond anyone’s objectives. The young country experienced bloodshed of a magnitude that includes perhaps maybe maybe maybe not been equaled since by any kind of American conflict.

Army Losings in United States Wars

The variety of Civil War dead weren’t equaled by the combined toll of other US disputes until the War in Vietnam. Some think the quantity can be high as 850,000. The Civil War Trust will not concur using this claim.

Civil War Battle Casualties

Brand New army technology combined with antique tactical doctrine to create a scale of battle casualties unprecedented in US history.

Civil War Provider by Population

Also with near to conscription that is total the Southern could perhaps not match the North’s numerical power. Southerners additionally endured a notably greater possibility of being killed, wounded, or captured.

Confederate Military Deaths by State

This chart in addition to one listed here are centered on research carried out by Provost Marshal General James Fry in 1866. Their quotes for Southern states had been predicated on Confederate muster rolls–many of that have been damaged before he started his study–and historians that are many disputed the outcome. The estimates for Virginia, new york, Alabama, sc, and Arkansas have already been updated to mirror more present scholarship.

Union Military Deaths by State

Provided the preservation that is relatively complete of records, Fry’s examination of Union fatalities is a lot more accurate than their operate in the Southern. Note the mortal hazard that soldiers faced from disease.

Casualties of War

A „casualty“ is a person that is military through death, wounds, damage, nausea, internment, capture, or through being lacking for action. „Casualty“ and „fatality“ aren’t terms–death that is interchangeable only 1 of this methods a soldier may become a casualty. Used, officers would frequently lead to recording casualties that took place of their commands. In case a soldier had been struggling to perform fundamental duties as a result of among the above conditions, the soldier will be considered a casualty. This means one soldier might be marked being a casualty many times throughout the program associated with the war.

Many casualties and fatalities into the Civil War had been the outcome of non-combat-related illness. For each and every three soldiers killed in battle, five more died of disease. The nature that is primitive of War medication, in both its intellectual underpinnings plus in its training within the armies, implied that lots of wounds and conditions had been needlessly deadly.

Our conception that is modern of includes individuals who have been psychologically damaged by warfare. This difference failed to occur throughout the Civil War. Soldiers experiencing that which we would now recognize as post-traumatic anxiety condition had been uncatalogued and uncared for.


More or less one out of four soldiers that visited war never returned home. Neither army had mechanisms in place to handle the amount of death that the nation was about to experience at the outset of the war. There have been no national cemeteries, no burial details, with no messengers of loss. The biggest catastrophe that is human US history, the Civil War forced the young country to confront death and destruction in a fashion that will not be equaled before or since.

Recruitment ended up being extremely localized through the war. Regiments of around one thousand males, the source associated with the armies, would frequently be raised through the populace of the few counties that are adjacent. Soldiers visited war making use of their next-door next-door neighbors and their kin. The type of recruitment suggested that a battlefield catastrophe could wreak havoc regarding the house community.

The North that is 26th Carolina hailing from seven counties into the western area of the state, suffered 714 casualties away from 800 guys throughout the Battle of Gettysburg. The Michigan that is 24th squared up against the 26th new york at Gettysburg and destroyed 362 away from 496 males. Almost the entire pupil human anatomy of Ole Miss–135 out 139–enlisted in Company the of this 11th Mississippi. Business A, also referred to as the „University Greys“ suffered 100% casualties in Pickett’s Charge. Eighteen people in the Christian group of Christianburg, Virginia had been killed throughout the war. It’s estimated that one out of three households that are southern at minimum one member of the family.

One out of thirteen surviving Civil War soldiers came back home missing a number of limbs. Pre-war jobs on farms or in factories became impossible or almost therefore. This resulted in a growth in understanding of veterans‘ requirements additionally as increased obligation and power that is social females. For several, nonetheless, there was clearly no solution. Thousands of families slipped into destitution.

The Scholarly Challenge

Compiling casualty numbers for Civil War soldiers is really a process that is complex. Certainly, it really is therefore complex that also 150 years later on no body has, and maybe no body will, construct a particular, accurate collection of figures, particularly in the Confederate side.

A real accounting of this range guys within the armies could be approached through overview of three main papers: enlistment rolls, muster rolls, and casualty listings. After some of these investigative practices one will encounter countless flaws and inconsistencies–the records in concern are small sheets of paper produced and put together 150 years back by people in another of the many stressful and confusing surroundings to ever occur. Enlistment channels had been create in towns and towns and cities in the united states, but also for probably the most component only those channels in major cities that are northern be relied upon to own preserved documents. Confederate enlistment rolls are practically non-existent.